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Evolution des SIRH- "Le Matin" Maroc

Evolution des SIRH, Interview au Journal '' Le Matin" - Maroc Juin 2013 

Ma Présentation au Colloque Annuel de l'AGEF - Génération Y

Génération Y

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Ma Présentation au Colloque Annuel de l'AGEF

Génération Y

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My Talk @ TEDx ISIMM - Monastir, Tunisia- April 28th

Build Your Business Training_Guest speaker: @RaoufMhenni.

My Talk @ TEDx Rabat Nov 2012

Raouf Mhenni @ TEDx Rabat 2012

La flexibilité inhibée par nos aprioris…

Nombreux celles et ceux qui souhaitent disposer de conditions réputées particulières et que le consensus réglementaire et des pratiques RH existantes ne le leur permettent pas.

Travailler deux jours et s’occuper de ses enfants le reste de la semaine est le rythme qui conviendra Bertrand le créateur graphique de 36 ans. Depuis son divorce Bertrand ne conçoit pas son accomplissement socioprofessionnel en ...

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When Technology makes HR Analytics easy...

In today’s uncertain economy, there is stronger demand for HR to play a leading role in shaping the appropriate business decisions for their companies. Altering strategies to cut costs while continuing to grow the business present significant challenges to business leaders.  


Technological innovation is occurring at a swift pace, presenting organizations with new information, ideas and tools to help streamline businesses while cutting costs. In order ...

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HR & Innovation (2)

During the last 10 years HR thought and implemented creative solutions that helped the function to move from a “catch up” series of actions to a true key role in supporting the company business strategy.

By leveraging technology and relying on thought leading partners, HR VPs are confirming their strong partnership with the business leaders in their company on the following three areas:

First, think and implement the human resource strategy ...

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HR & Innovation (1)

Trying to better understand what innovation means for our customers, I asked these companies ‘’what is innovation in your firm?”

The answers ranged from innovation used to symbolize one of their company’s values to representing one of the strongest messages to their market, their shareholders and their employees. With those companies furthest along the “innovation” path, a department that is focused on applying innovation across the enterprise and targeted on critical business goals has been established.

Talented employees and creative individuals are the actors of innovation in any company. ...

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